Flaming Star Llama Packs

JNK Llamas has been an authorized dealer of Flaming Star Packs and Products since 1997. Great care is taken in constructing Flaming Star Packs. They are made of high quality Cordura and pack cloth with heavy-duty double stitching. All components are selected for durability, strength and weather resistence. Complete pack systems include panniers, a saddle, top loading straps, a girth strap, a chest plate, and a set of cinches.

They truly are one of the finest pack systems on the market. They are easy to load, adjust and they fit the llamas like a glove when fitted correctly! By ordering them from us, you receive our great customer service and after purchase follow up!

If you would like more information or have questions about them, please
(Contact Us). JNK does stand behind ALL equipment and packs sold by JNK.

To place an order please call 360-592-2603 or
Contact Us. We accept Visa, Mastercard or checks.

Information On Packs

Information On Accessories

If you want to learn how to properly put on this pack, click HERE


Marty McGee-Bennett (TTEAM Training) endorses Flaming Star pack systems and recommends them to her clients.


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